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Helping Children

Navigate Anxiety:

A Talk by Dr. Nicholas Mian

Q&A following presentation

May 25th at 6pm

Second Step Program

Clinical psychologist and mental health expert Dr. Mylien Duong talks about self-compassion and being kind to yourself. She covers ways to remove negative self-talk and use self-compassion to help cope with uncertainty and stress.

The HGF - PTA group is a very active group of parents and teachers with a shared mission to:

"provide an environment appropriate for students to achieve a mastery of basic skills, to acquire knowledge necessary to develop a positive self-image, and to foster academic progress along with social and personal growth."

All parents and guardians are invited (and encouraged) to join and participate. No matter if you donate an hour a day or an hour a month, studies have shown that students perform best when the adults in their lives take an active role in their education.

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