Life Changer of the Year Award Winners: Mrs. Dubois & Remington

Post date: Mar 23, 2018 4:13:22 PM

Mrs. Dubois and Remington (who has the distinct honor of being the first canine) have been chosen as finalists for the National Life Changer of the Year Award! This award is given to individuals who make a difference in the lives of students and who positively add to a school's atmosphere. Mrs. Dubois and Remington won a cash prize of $1500.00 and HGF received $1500.00 in their honor. Mayor Craig, Dr. Vargas, School Board Members Leslie Want and Rich Girard, Lisa Hanel, President of the Paraprofessionals' Union, and Roberto Abele and staff members from Life Changer of the Year attended the ceremony to partake in the celebration. Also attending, were family members Hannah and Michael Boutselis, Amanda Dubois, and Ruth Morreau. Congratulations to Mrs. Dubois & Remington!