Car Patrol- Update

Post date: Jan 12, 2015 11:00:18 AM

Dear Parents,

We have been working closely with the police department recently to help make our dismissal procedure more effective and efficient. We have noticed one thing that would be a wonderful help to us. We would like parents to arrive around 2:20 to pick up their child for dismissal since we do not dismiss students until 2:35. At this time, we have many parents who are arriving 40 minutes before dismissal. We believe that by arriving a little later, it would help alleviate the congestion on the main road. If this does not improve, we will have to develop a new plan with the police department. We will not be going back to our former practice for dismissal. We want you to know that we greatly appreciate all of those who have been patient with us as we are trying to make this transition.

We also would like to thank the Manchester Police Department for all of their help!

Susan M. Matthews

HGF Principal