A Note from Mr. Adams

Post date: Sep 6, 2012 4:24:19 PM

I am happy to report that we have had a very nice opening of school. Although some students did not know what class they would be in when arriving at school they handled it well. By 9:30 on opening day one would think we’d been back in session for months. Thanks to the cooperation of teachers, students, and parents Highland-Goffe’s Falls School continues to be a great learning center. We will continue to challenge all students to learn the number facts this year. Students in grade one will begin the Rocket Math program later in the year. Grades 2-5 will be working on Rocket Math in the very near future. We are finding that more students are learning their math facts with this program. The students are expected to learn 2 or 3 number facts at a time, with constant review of the facts already mastered. To become a “Rocket Star” students must answer eighty (80) math facts in two minutes. I do hope that our bulletin board of STARS fills quickly. This year we will also be encouraging students to read on a regular basis. Our school will be taking part in the Million Word Challenge. The goals of this program are:

  • Help students develop the habits of life-long readers
  • Create excitement about reading everyday
  • Support students in becoming more proficient readers
  • Collaboration between school and home

What a million words looks like at certain grade levels based on the child’s reading level:

Kindergarten, Grade One, Grade Two: 20 books a month (read independently or with another child or adult) at home,

plus what is read in school

Grade Three: 5 Chapter Books or 25 picture books per month

Grade Four, Grade Five: 25 Chapter Books (125 pages, 250-350 words equals one book.approximately

three per month) a year

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP????????????????????

1. Make sure your child is reading every day. 15-30 minutes a day of reading at home will help students reach a Million Words a Year!

2. Talk to your children about the books they are reading.

3. Make sure your child has a library card, and visit the public library as a family.

4. Monitor your child’s homework every day.

5. Talk to your child’s teacher. Communication is important.

6. Help your child complete their reading log. (More on this to come from classroom teachers.

Important Dates to remember:

September 11th No school – teacher workshop day

September 12th Open House 6:00-7:00 (K-2) 7:00-8:00 (Gr. 3-5)

September 19th at 6:30 PTA meeting in the Art Room

September 21st picture day

October 8th No school – Columbus Day

October 24th Parent Conferences (3:00-6:00)

October 25th Parent Conferences (11:50-2:50)