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Allen, Ann Administrative Assistant aallen@mansd.org  
Ayotte, Rebecca Grade 3 rayotte@mansd.org  
Berube, Cathy Educational Assistant cberube@mansd.org  
Bresnahan, Kelly Special Education Grades K-1 kbresnahan@mansd.org  
Chase, Melissa Grade 4 mchase@mansd.org My Class Website 
Chauvette, Joanne Preschool jchauvette@mansd.org  
Cole, Lisa Grade 1 lcole@mansd.org  
Cookson, Whitney Kindergarden wcookson@mansd.org  
Coulon, David Grade 4 dcoulon@mansd.org My Class Website 
Cox, Debra Grade 5 dcox@mansd.org  
Coyle, Lori Psychologist lcoyle@mansd.org  
Demers, Beth Kindergarden bdemers@mansd.org  
Donovan, Carole Preschool caroledonovan@mansd.org  
Doyle, Ed Music edoyle@mansd.org  
Dubois, Gail Educational Assistant gdubois@mansd.org  
Dumas, Kerstin Grade 5 kdumas@mansd.org  
Duval, Amy Occupational Therapy aduval@mansd.org  
Eastman, Vanessa Grade 3 veastman@mansd.org  
Flynn, Monique Special Education Grades 4-5  mflynn@mansd.org  
Giroud, Michele Special Education Grades 3-4 mgiroud@mansd.org  
Heustis, MaryAnn Nurse mheustis@mansd.org  
Julian, Inauris Educational Assistant mjulian@mansd.org  
Kahars, Jill Grade 1 jlanoie@mansd.org  
Kidd, Marie Educational Assistant mkidd@mansd.org  
Korbet, Elise Grade 1 ekorbet@mansd.org  
Laliberte, Tracy Grade 2 tlaliberte@mansd.org  
Lamy, Jonathan Library Media Specialist  jlamy@mansd.org  
Leiter, Sue Educational Assistant sleiter@mansd.org  
Levasseur, Paul Emotional Behavioral Specialist plevasseur@mansd.org  
Martin, Sammi Educational Assistant samanthamartin@mansd.org  
Massey, Annette Grade 2 amassey@mansd.org  
Matthews, Susan Principal smatthews@mansd.org   
McGrath, Mary Grade 1 mmcgrath@mansd.org  
Morse, Sarah Grade 2 smorse@mansd.org  
Osgood, Kiernan Speech Pathologist kosgood@mansd.org  
Ouimette, Tracy Grade 3 touimette@mansd.org  
Picard, Inauris Educational Assistant ipicard@mansd.org  
Poitras, Tricia Educational Assistant tpoitras@mansd.org  
Ramsay, Collette Educational Assistant cbennet@mansd.org  
Ray, Erin Educational Assistant eray@mansd.org  
Ray, Ryan Physical Education  rray@mansd.org  
Record, Jeff Grade 2 jrecord@mansd.org  
Reeder, Donna English Learners dreeder@mansd.org  
Rivard, Heidi Intervention Teacher hrivard@mansd.org  
Rondeau, Judith Grade 4 jrondeau@mansd.org  
Rousseau, Holly Art hrousseau@mansd.org  
Schwalbe, Barbara Music bschwalbe@mansd.org  
Shaffer, Diane Kindergarten dshaffer@mansd.org  
Smith, Karen Grade 5 karensmith@mansd.org  
Stefanik, Jan Educational Assistant jstefanik@mansd.org  
Stulz, Sarah Educational Assistant sstulz@mansd.org  
Tellier, Sherry Health stellier@mansd.org  
Towne, Tricia Guidance Counselor ttowne@mansd.org  
Vallat, Michele Cafeteria highlandcaf@mansd.org  
Vitagliano, Rhonda Assistant Principal rvitagliano@mansd.org  
Showing 55 items