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Principal Letter-Summer 16-17

Principal’s Page:

I would like to welcome all to Highland-Goffe’s Falls Elementary School!  We have many exciting things planned for our students this year.  One of our most exciting endeavors includes the implementation of a new math program called EnVisions.  This is a highly regarded program that is already being used in other Manchester schools, and is also used in schools in surrounding towns.  Teachers will be working in teams to align Manchester Academic Standards with our new program.  We have already received training on the program, and teachers are really looking forward to having this great resource.

Each classroom has been outfitted with an interactive whiteboard, a projector, and a laptop.  These tools will help create an innovative learning environment that will allow for more effective collaboration, problem solving activities, and technology integration.  At HGF, we have an awesome team of teachers with a keen understanding of technology who have trained all classroom teachers in the use of this new equipment.  We also have a new and improved computer lab, which is now our SmartLab!

As a school, we are committed to working with our parents.  We encourage parents to volunteer, and we have an active PTA.  President of the PTA, Stacey Weigler, is a dedicated individual who is looking forward to having new members join our group.  Opportunities to enroll in our PTA will take place in September. It is through the support of the PTA, and the generosity of our families that we have been able to provide our classrooms with some Chromebooks and our interactive whiteboards.  We are very grateful for the assistance that we receive from our parents and grandparents!

This year, we will be housing two new preschool classes.  We are quite excited to have these young students and their teachers joining our school.  We look forward to meeting and working with our youngest students’ families.

   At HGF, we are very fortunate to have a caring and knowledgeable staff.  I would like to welcome the following educators to Highland-Goffe’s Falls:

Preschool Teachers:  Joanne Chauvette and Carole Donavan

Preschool Paraprofessionals:  Inauris Picard, Maria Julian, Sue Leiter, Cathy Berube

Paraprofessionals:  Tricia Poitras and Gail Dubois

First Grade Teacher: Rebecca Ayotte

I am delighted that these individuals will be joining our community!

The 2015-2016 school year will be a year of continued academic growth and challenges as we focus on strengthening reading, writing, and math skills, and integrating the use of technology as we prepare our twenty-first century learners for their future.  At Highland-Goffe’s Falls, we are committed to an engaging learning experience where each child feels valued and successful.  Again, I welcome everyone a to new year of learning adventures at the home of the Huskies!

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Susan M. Matthews, M.Ed., CAGS

On behalf of the faculty and staff, welcome to Highland-Goffe’s Falls Elementary School and home of the Huskies!

    As the new principal at Highland-Goffe’s Falls, I am very honored to be able to work with the students and their families in this very close-knit and supportive community.  We are fortunate and grateful to have many parent volunteers, and a strong PTA that strives to provide the students at HGF with extensive educational opportunities.  It is through the partnership of parents, teachers, staff, and community members that all students will greatly benefit.  

    I also feel very privileged to work with a fine staff of people.  As we are preparing to open our doors for a new school year, the custodial staff has been hard at work making HGF shine, the teachers have been excitedly preparing classrooms, and office staff members have been busy completing a lot of the behind the scene activities.  Teachers and staff should take pride in their laudable accomplishments!  

    I would like to welcome the following teachers to Highland-Goffe’s Falls:

Kindergarten: Beth Demers

Grade 1:  Mary McGrath and Rebecca Ayotte

Grade 2:  Jeff Record

Grade 5:  Kerstin Dumas

Music:  Barbara Schwalbe

               I am delighted that these individuals will be joining our community!

    The 2014-2015 school year looks to be an exciting one as we will be focusing on strengthening reading, writing, and math skills, and integrating and increasing the use of technology as we prepare our twenty-first century learners for success.  Highland-Goffe’s Falls School is a place where people are committed to providing each child with a valuable learning experience.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this fine community!

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Susan M. Matthews, M.Ed., CAGS